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JustHost Review Only $2.95 A Month

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JustHost Review – A General Hosting Feature Review

If you are on a tight budget and wouldn’t want to pay more on web hosting without losing hold of quality as well, discount web hosting would be an ideal opportunity for you. A lot of web hosts are offering discount coupons on web hosting. Depending on the web host you decide to subscribe, you can save up to 75% on web hosting. What’s more? The discount offer comes with tons of features ranging from basic to advanced features. JustHost offers one of the best deals on web hosting discount. Right now, JustHost Coupon $2.95 Per Month Or 75% OFF Discount is available to all.

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What to Know About JustHost Discount Coupon?

When leveraging JustHost discount coupon, you are only paying the smallest fraction of the original cost and saving the largest portion. So, you will save up to $4.04 by not paying $6.99 full hosting price. The company guarantees top quality service and unlimited features even with the discount price. This discount saving per month can add up significantly when you buy a 48 month plan.

By simply clicking on the Show Coupon Button, you will be able to view the coupon. You will be redirected to to sign up and paste the best JustHost coupon at the site. The discount offer will apply to any option you select and you will get the applicable web hosting features instantly. If you are signing up for a new account, one of the features you will start enjoying instantly is a free domain name for one year.

General Review on JustHost Web Hosting Features

Just like most reliable web hosts today, JustHost offers extensive web hosting features that come under different categories as follows;

Basic/Primary Features

The features under this category include the following;

  • Free Domain Name: when you sign up on JustHost platform, you will be given a free domain name instantly for one year. You are also given the privilege to host an international domain name (free) for one year. Free domain name gives you an edge over a webmaster who would go through unspeakable hassles to create a unique and keyword-based domain name. Additionally, a lot of work is involved to make a new domain name popular, unlike the popularity that is already attached to the free domain name from JustHost.
  • Free Site Builder: you will enjoy the site builder tool when using JustHost services. The site builder tool is included into your web hosting plan at no extra cost. Subsequently, you can create as many websites as you desire with ease and more efficiently. This will help you save up a number of dollars you would have spent to contract a website developer.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting: you are not limited to any number of domains on a single JustHost account. In essence, you can host 10, 20, 30…just any number of domains you wish to host on your JustHost account. This is a cost-effective and efficient way of managing domains instead of spreading them on different web host accounts.
  • ….there are tons of other unlimited features to explore.

CGI/Databases Features

Under this web hosting category, there are tons of valuable web hosting features that will increase the experience of users. The list includes;

  • MySQL Database: while you can find other versions of my SQL, MySQL 5 Database Server is among the newer versions regarded as the world’s pioneering DBMS (Database Management System). This tool is a multi-user feature that facilitates high performance, since it comes with multiple threads.

This tool is compatible with different online-based applications because of its high security and increased speed advantage. It is also a great tool for handling large volume of data.

  • Ruby on Rails: as a model-view controller, this web hosting feature is employed for websites creation on databases-driven ruby. This tool is a method used in organizing a user’s code, so that the codes’ complexity would be hidden. The tool exists in three parts; the view, the model, plus the controller.
  • DHTML Support: this feature is a new format for controlling or managing the standard HTML codes and commands. Ultimately, you will gain greater control over HTML elements. The benefits of this tool include ability to alter tags and properties, ability to use dynamic fonts, possibility of making your webpages interactive and more.
  • …there are several other web hosting features under CGI/Databases category.

Other categories of JustHost web hosting features will be discussed in details in the next post, so watch out for the next post. Don’t forget, most of JustHost’s features are applicable to JustHost Coupon $2.95 Per Month. However, use the FAQ or other information tools on their site to confirm the exact features. When you click on the discount coupon link, it will prompt you to sign up and take advantage of the discount offer.  The coupon is only valid while the offer lasts.

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